Coach Mike Stott is listed as one of The 25 Best Real Estate Coaches by! He by  continues to sell today and is famous for listing a “FSBO a week” after learning the FSBO market in Atlanta, Georgia after relocating here in 2006. Mike’s Team in Hawaii generated a peak of 180 sales with over 20 years of 100+ sales years. His talent in Coaching, Sales, and in particularly teaching the Zero Resistance FSBO Prospecting Program had made him a favorite speaker nationwide and in Canada, touring 17 states training on the Road in 2009-2010. Mike speaks mainly via Webinars now and is busy creating new content and generating results for Your Coaching Matters Clients. Mike is happily married to Donna and they have 5 children & their families, all living in the greater Atlanta area. He enjoys Boy Scouts, basketball and reading.  

As a peak performer working with Distressed Sales, Investor-Owners and For-Sale-By-Owners Mike continues to shine as both an Agent and a Coach, maintaining 15-20 Coaching Clients at all times. His high-energy and no-holds-barred approach is perfect if you need someone to never take your “excuses” and who supports you in creating and reaching your goals. He looks forward to hearing from you!


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