Donna’s training and experience can help you go from where you are now in your Real Estate business to where you want to be by supporting your Goals and helping you take the steps needed to cross the border from vision to reality.  She has worked with brand new agents, helping them build to over 80 transactions a year, as well as seasoned agents that have been able to break through the ceilings they felt stuck at, improving by up to 500% – 26 deals to over 140 in 5 years. Sometimes a Coaching Client may even want to reduce the number of sales but raise the average price, raising their income.  Wherever you are now… if you want to grow, change, or prepare to sell your business, Your Coaching Matters can support you. If you are considering coaching, please contact us for a complimentary discussion, and ask for references and talk to some of our existing clients. 

Donna currently keeps a coaching schedule of 30-32 top agents over North America, from Florida to New York, across the country to California. She also supports the Coaches and manages the Staff with Your Coaching Matters, as-well-as Brokers a small office in Northwest Atlanta providing sales and property management. “Keeping ourselves in the business as we Coach Agents is important in staying top of our game.”  Teaching a variety of Courses to Agents is something Donna loves, and she normally provides 4-5 classes through the year, except during the months before and after the annual Your Coaching Matters Summit held early each year in Atlanta. 

On the personal side, Donna and Mike Stott have been married since 1992 and have 5 children, just 1 left at home. They lived on Oahu in Hawaii together until 2007 when they relocated to Georgia to live near adult children and provide a better time zone for Coaching clients.  They adore babysitting the grandchildren and have a nursery set up in their home to occupy as many as 3 at a time!  Donna enjoys gardening, reading, and traveling with friends and family on adventures world-wide.   A recent trip to the UK with some great friends was a highlight and she’d love to visit Scotland again in the future. 


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