Why Should I Hire a Coach?

What Is a Coach?

  • A Coach is someone who in their presence, allows you to go past your normal stopping points.  A coach gently supports and encourages you to take the next right action for YOU
  • Coaches assist you by:
    • Identifying what is important - your own individual Life Intentions
    • Establishing clear Goals that support those Life Intentions - Goals worth playing for!
    • Supporting you to create your own personal Plan that fits YOUR unique Standards of Integrity and Goals.
    • Supporting you in creating, and TAKING the right next Small Sweet Step - one at a time - continuously moving toward your Goal until you reach success!

What happens when I hire a Coach?

  • You get your OWN personal Coach Trained by the ICF and the Academy for Coaching Excellence. Professionally Trained Coaches produce better results. With EASE vs angst.
  • Unlimited access to unique patented software (more about that below) that has caused our clients to go from an average 20 deals a year to over 50 PLUS raise their average prices and commissions to over $400K a year - AVERAGE. Many earn over $1M GCI and you can talk to them BEFORE you commit by request! (More about them below)
  • You get to show you are willing to succeed. You are WILLING to take a step forward. Despite the chatter in your head that has held you back so long.
  • You get to join a small group of dedicated professionals committed to improving their businesses, their lives, and the lives of their clients. Together reaching their goals!

"I don't get it.... Why am I not as successful without a Coach... as I could be WITH a Coach?"

Once upon a time in real estate... 

  • People studied to get a real estate license, took the test and passed... and then interviewed Brokers. Not for a better "split" but to find the BEST education and support system. Most of the time a new agent was paid 40-50% commission in their first years, topping out as an experienced agent in the 70-80% ranges.
  • A Broker or Manager (full time paid positions from the Company $$) worked to teach you everything about the industry from lead generation to sales skills to objection handling to servicing a book of business (your database) - all the while holding you accountable to what you said your goals were.
  • They walked you through every step spending weeks helping you perfect lead generation and follow up, going with you on listing appointments and buyer showings and teaching you the right language and scripts to use to secure sales, and teach professional practices to keep you out of trouble.
  • Because of the high commission percentages that began in the 1990's, brokers can't afford to hire people to hold hands with every new agent and teach them hands-on how to be successful.
  • Many new agents are left practically untrained as a result of this and the failure rate of agents in real estate skyrocketed.  
  • That training, information, and accountability gap is where Coaches step in... and where Your Coaching Matters excels. We are the Gold Standard of Real Estate Coaches being recognized by Inman and others as top Coaches in the Industry, as well as offering the only completely ICF Certified staff. 
  • We have SOLD at high levels (over 100 a year for over 10 years, over 3000 sales total) and continue to sell today. We KNOW the business as it is NOW.  We provide the tools, support your accountability, and SUPPORT you to do what it takes to achieve the success you deserve. 
More importantly...

We understand what "Success" really is.

Success is defined clearly by Dr. Maria Nemeth:

"Success is doing what you said you would do, consistently, with clarity, focus, ease, and grace."


To begin we must be willing to SAY what it is that we are willing to do. Clearly defining what we want to accomplish is the most important step. Without knowing what success means to us, how can we achieve it?


Next we do that thing we said we would do with Clarity. Clarity is accomplished by establishing a small sweet step toward what you want and taking it. Most people simply do whatever they find in front of them that day. You only ever need to take the next, small step to get ahead.


By narrowing our Focus, we eliminate distractions and remove obstacles in the way of what we really want to accomplish. A Coach helps you see when you lose Focus and supports you in getting back on track.


Ease is something that we all desire, no one wants angst and upset. Notice that doing work with Ease does not mean it is always easy, but hard work CAN be done with ease. We offer tools to bring a lot more Ease into your work.


Lastly, in our model, we acknowledge the Grace that is ours to have fulfilling work that changes people's lives! The pathway to Grace is gratitude. By celebrating the success of each small sweet step on our journey. And being grateful for the journey, we experience Success.

Inman News Clip from 2020

Article Listing the Best Coaches in the Industry for Realtors

Our Coaching Programs Offer...

Access to the ONLY fully accredited Coaching Team in the industry

We hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to coaching, and are proud to be the one and only company in the Real Estate Coaching industry to offer a coaching staff consisting of fully ICF accredited coaches. 

The International Coach Federation (ICF) offers a rigorous accreditation program that require hundreds of hours of both coaching and training, and highlights the best of the best in the coaching world.

Learn More About ICF

Flexibility and Options Unmatched by other Coaches

We want to help support as many people in the Real Estate Industry as possible, so we offer options at a variety of prices (even free!)

Our Group Coaching Matters page details our entry level option that puts you you touch with our Coaching team. You can also check out some of our free videos too! 

Learn More about GCM

The BEST Content for Agents both New and Experienced

Our full time Coaching Clients average close to $400K a year while enjoying their lives. We have patented software and Success Tools to use in your career every day.

Trained by the Academy of Coaching Excellence (ACE), Donna and Mike Stott have both been recognized by Inman as Top-25 Coaches in the industry.  After succeeding in Real Estate (With over 3000 sales), Mike and Donna dedicated themselves to improving professionalism in Real Estate. 

View Our Testimonials

Private Pre-Scheduled Coaching

Twice or Three Private Calls per month - 12 months a year

Part-Time Coaching - 2 Calls Per Month



$795 = Two 45-Minute Calls/Month

$7,950/ year paid in advance

Annual Payments give you 2-Months FREE!

*Note: Teams of 2 add $50/month; Teams of 3+ add $100/month

*Past Clients > 2 years Coaching Discount= 5% per year up to 25%

PLUS: 50% off all YCM Courses
PLUS: Know Your Numbers Tracker (patented)
PLUS: One Group call per week and everything we have in YCMPedia!
Part Time Coaching Application

Full-Time Coaching- 3 Calls Per Month



$1,095 = Three 45-Minute Calls/Month

$10,950/ year paid in advance 

Annual Payments give you 2-Months FREE!

*Note: Teams of 2 add $50/month; Teams of 3+ add $100/month

*Past Clients > 2 years Coaching Discount= 5% per year up to 25%

PLUS: 50% off all YCM Courses
PLUS: Know Your Numbers Tracker (patented)
PLUS: One Group call per week and everything we have in YCMPedia!
Full Time Coaching Application

To learn about our most affordable option, check out the Group Coaching Matters page!

Click Here to be taken to the application for Premium Coaching!

Need-to-Know Notes, please read:

You can move UP in plans at any time with no notice.

Moving down in programs requires a 30-day notice before the next billing period (that is 30-59 days notice.)

Group Coaching is month to month. 

All private coaching programs are 6-month contracts immediately followed by month-to-month. Discounts ARE offered for paying annually! Annual Payments require a full year contract.

Complete this Form to begin the application process for Private Coaching!

You Choose your Level:

Since the inception of Your Coaching Matters we've had a clear mission in mind to improve the lives of Real Estate Agents by teaching and assisting them in finding success, and we know that's best achieved when we can support you as a Coach. This includes, but is not limited to improving your Business. 

We know the primary focus for Real Estate Agents and Brokers is to grow, change, or prepare to sell their businesses, and with our experience we know that's best accomplished by doing those things with clarity, focus, ease, and grace.Yes. with EASE.

As we all know Real Estate is less a career and more a "lifestyle", so we serve our clients by looking at what's important in their lives and seeing how the business can support the REST of their lives. 

We believe in creating a business that serves YOU versus you serving it.  

All Coaching Programs Include: 

One weekly Monday Group Coaching Video-Conference and Tuesdays the "Coach Is In", both starting at 11 AM ET/ 8 AM Pacific. Monday's  Group calls are recorded for those of you that cannot make those morning Video Conferences.

Access to YCMpedia – Includes conversation starters (sometimes called “scripts”), dialogs, objection handlers, spreadsheets, business planning forms, ideas, and mindset tools… to make YOU more productive!

Our PATENTED KNOW YOUR NUMBERS and Leads Tracking System 
Set Goals; Enter your Daily Income Activities; Compare Goals to Actual numbers and adjust Goals as needed. This is the first and ONLY online business planning tool that saves in your record year after year after year. Yes… it is tracking of buyer appointments, offers working and leads generated! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Since the inception of Your Coaching Matters we've had a clear mission in mind — to improve the lives of Real Estate Agents by teaching and working with them to find the right path for their success, and we know that's best achieved when we can support them as a Coach.

We know Real Estate is less a career, and more a lifestyle, so we serve our clients by looking at what's important in their lives and seeing how the business can support the REST of their lives. 

3 months ago, 6 months ago, a year ago, 10 years ago… you were at a place in your business that’s in the past. Not acting now, you are extending that time you did not act. That your business is in the past. No, you do NOT have to choose to sign up and do the work required to improve your business and your life. But if you don’t, you'll simply be where you are now… later. Acting NOW means you are WILLING to take a step forward. It’s a small sweet step. And it’s very little risk compared to all the risk you’ve taken in the past that didn’t work out. Isn’t it?

Group Coaching is easy. Once you subscribe to our Group Coaching Program, you will be billed once a month on the day you signed up until you quit or forever, whichever comes first :) - You will be invited to One Group call a week on  Mondays starting at 11 AM ET/8 AM Pacific. 
You will also be able to share your questions every Tuesday morning with the "Coach is In" also starting at 11 AM EST/8 AM Pacific.
All calls are held on Zoom and you’ll get the link reminder before each call, but we don’t change the link often, so put it in your calendar for the Monday Call and Tuesday's "Coach is In" as a repeating event WITH THE LINK so you don’t need the reminder. 
PRIVATE COACHING is different...
When you sign up for speaking with a Coach about Private Coaching you will be offered an application to fill out in order to be scheduled for a personal call. Without an application, no call is scheduled. 
When we DO get your application, you will hear from one of our Team members within 72 hours, depending on holidays and weekends to schedule your private call. We don’t work 24/7 and you shouldn’t either.  In fact, we’ll even help you with that. 
After you talk with a Coach, you will choose to make the decision to move forward with Private Coaching or not.  When you DO make the decision to accept personal support that will change EVERYTHING…. this is what happens next:
1. You will pay for your first month, or prorated month, of coaching.
2. You’ll calendar your first group and private coaching calls with your personal Coach.
3. Your payment will process and we’ll send you a Coaching Binder in the mail. (Note: it takes a lot longer to get in Canada than in the US and you may not receive for several weeks)
4. You will be invited to join our Know Your Numbers Tracker tutorial and will be set up to log in there with a username and password.  From that page, you will have access to ALL of YCMPedia! Every past call, script, form, video, and tutorial that we’ve done for your use. This does NOT include our Master Courses.  Courses are logged in from our Website at YourCoachingMatters.com select Member Sign In and then Course Login.  If you select premium coaching you will get ALL classes at no additional cost. 
5. You will begin by working with your Coach on your Life Intentions Inventory and Standards of Integrity. We will dig in deep immediately with who you are and what is important to you in your life. CLARITY around these things changes everything about what you do and how you do it.
6. We’ll create Goals worth playing for and establish the first small sweet steps toward those Goals. 
7. And then… the magic happens. You begin saying what you will do each week and you will DO it. Finally.  Changing your business and your life forever. 
We invite you to say yes and join us!

We will keep in touch unless you tell us not to or if we decide we aren’t a good fit.  Either way we wish you the best on your journey. While we want to be your support and mentor and coach on this journey if you are a good fit for our Coaching program, if it’s not the right fit or time for you, we wish you the best on your journey to professionalism and profit in your small business. 


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